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Picking Up Girls in Bratislava (Slovakia) The Out-Takes

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Text Comments (136)
Kabir (1 month ago)
oh my god this video is so funny ... I love you dude hahhaha
OMID (1 month ago)
As an englishman, you can pick up girls anywhere in europe, especially in the east. So it doesn’t surprise me.
Dennis Johnson (1 month ago)
Steely he number is invasive. She did not want you to have it. You realy are sleezy and slimey
Aaron Peoples (1 month ago)
So what the guy is trying a little too hard .. No need too make him out too be a freak ..hate too make a pass at you ...prob hit me with you're I hate men club
Dennis Johnson (1 month ago)
Im going to try it on your mom
Aaron Peoples (1 month ago)
Lmao ...fucking hilarious...you made me spray my drink all over the place with this comment...
Dennis Johnson (1 month ago)
She as a boy friemd. Taboo mate. Hope he finds you. And sirts you
pdfico (3 months ago)
I wouldn’t boast much about being able to pick up women in Slovakia. A full set of teeth and a roll of toilet paper and to them your Slovakia’s most eligible bachelor.
Utkum Creany (3 months ago)
I love bin opener. It was very useful .😂
Khan Afzal (3 months ago)
My English is not good .. but i wanna you speak slowly because I wanna understand what do say for a girl
Olly Bartlett (4 months ago)
lol h&m isnt cute bro
Olly Bartlett (4 months ago)
bald = hat
Naughty misscall...text me .. Did she...? we all know where the masculinity core is ... i see lots of street talk ... and i have been a street talk animal ... you got styly but on your privite diary .. to the core ? would you please send a core page of your street hooking animal to my email ? just to check if you are reallly effective ... asking too much ?
Scheiße Astronaut (7 months ago)
You fucking legend man HAHAHA. Funny and interesting video! Keep it up mate
kico kocok (7 months ago)
Did you bang katarina?
David Mason (3 months ago)
did you see her ass?
P S (8 months ago)
its all about sex he only picks girls up to have sex with them, i think its really shallow I am gay and gay guys do the same
citizen000 (8 months ago)
If there is any man who can use a full head of hair its this guy. He'll put it to great use
Lonnie Christopher (9 months ago)
.....yahhh...the other half of the country..... Czech Republic....best girls in the world.....Prague....wow....!!!
Romac Mi (9 months ago)
Nice one. Worth a look !
o justiceiro (10 months ago)
And then they will not answer back or say that they have to study or work etc etc etc..
Angelo Calderaro (10 months ago)
Really nice that girl at the beginning 😍
Scott Herford (10 months ago)
I totally agree about the missed call tactic when called for with that level of rapport. Her legs were smokin'.
Duggy (10 months ago)
Hottie spotted😂 I love this channel
Arfan Khan (1 year ago)
Bravo ryszard ,you are making us BEAST
Said Algheilani (1 year ago)
Am sorry, is that the purpose of life ?
A604 (5 months ago)
he will tell you when some std will get this man slut off the street. I hope he moves to different country. no need for sluts like this cruising streets. enough of dirty brits coming to buy all strippers on their stag dos, making all who fly home for their holiday feel put off... stick to your homeland. trash should go where it came from.
Street Attraction Remmber this when you old and ugly.
Street Attraction (1 year ago)
petrzalkai (1 year ago)
so? did you actually manage to meet them again? or did they just gave you their phone# to get rid of you?
I love the way ladies share their number so easily.
Eamonn OBrien (1 year ago)
does it really work this way?
Trevor Barnes (1 year ago)
Youre the coolest english man ive seen in a minute. Way to use what you got playa
jose licona (1 year ago)
One question how much money do you spend in each city .maybe i will go there myself one day.
alex grinage (1 year ago)
Him at the dumpster 4:11 killed me
Xx_FaZe_Rolf_xX l (1 year ago)
I’m confused I thought cute was a feminine thing that we should avoid to come across as?
Miguel Aragon (1 year ago)
I can't believe girls give their attention and fulfill the demands of these fuckboys. i wonder what your children will say when they see this video in the future x3
DarkWestern (1 year ago)
Bro, if you are really trying to pick up girls *anywhere* lose that balding loser haircut, and just shave it clean. You got the facial hair, that shows confidence, combine it with a clean shaven head, and there's a 2x multiplier for confidence where women are concerned. [ google it ]
Aaron Peoples (1 month ago)
Wow dude...what are you the hair police
mike gonz (1 year ago)
Dont girls freak out a bit when you block their path like that and stop them from moving on? wtf
URCHIN SAM (1 year ago)
I feel sad and sorry for good looking men who are bald.
j al (1 year ago)
what this dead fox on your head?
DVI (1 year ago)
21 am
Aljana Smajlović (1 year ago)
That Saban Saulic intro though :D
Gisélle (1 year ago)
I've met this type of guy, best is to ignore!! 😂😂
A604 (5 months ago)
creepy asf
Moaz Defasi (6 months ago)
He's a joker with no respect
whatsup (1 year ago)
This guy is honestly pretty good. Best ive seen on youtube so far.
Garry Gemmell (1 year ago)
Girls in Slovakia go for the hairy face look believe me it will really help. Slovak girls like manly men confident no wimps need apply!
Ahmad Altibi (1 year ago)
Dude.. that's was awesome!! Good job 👏🏻
Street Attraction (1 year ago)
Rockn Rolla (1 year ago)
That old school neg tho lmao
You could pretend you don't know anything about technology when doing the sneaky phone trick and be like oops I called myself sorry
kipter456 (1 year ago)
I definitely like to use my core.
PrezDub (1 year ago)
Short hair... Yeah lets call it that.
AleCaptain (1 year ago)
...yeah... u're scary as... Jamiroquai! :))
abbas khan Najib (1 year ago)
@street attraction why u didnt laid with one of the girl......you should show it too!!!
abbas khan Najib (1 year ago)
@Street Attraction i mean the new one.....
Street Attraction (1 year ago)
Here it is: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VDpd4KFBk6Q
S M (1 year ago)
talking over the dumpster
Armando Broncas (1 year ago)
How come you don't upload videos anymore? We are stuck with RSD crap.
Street Attraction (1 year ago)
We're uploading another video in an hour. We'll be uploading 2 videos or more per week.
Akbar Malik (1 year ago)
So much love man, you give me inspiration.
John White Jones (1 year ago)
I copy this way to go aproach with Chinese girls in hongkong ,and it doesn't work ,and sexy girls just walk away .I like ur videos,and I hope it is true and someday I can get 3girls on bed a day in this way ,maybe probably white girls ,I hope u guys can do it Chinese version coz many English men or any white-looking men they do have sex with local here ,u could try hongkong,or Shenzhen which is the place I often stayed ,and good luck to u ,please don't cheat us ,we want a real life recording
Mayank Thakur (1 year ago)
keep making videos man... I've learned so much from you. Thank you Richard, and the whole team of Street attraction.
Mayank Thakur (1 year ago)
keep making videos man... I've learned so much from you. Thank you Richard, and the whole team of Street attraction.
Gabriel (1 year ago)
I challenge you to make pickup vid in Lisbon (Portugal) the game here is really terrible and I wanted really to confirm that because it's almost impossible to get decent girls, almost of them are foreigners and there's a lot of lesbian and gay shit going around
Willem King (1 year ago)
So true, they can be most awful especially if they are from Lisbon!
serichejr (1 year ago)
Please guys upload more often!
Hassan (1 year ago)
This guy is jokes and his confidence level could not go any higher..I wonder if he actually managed to get laid on this trip?!
Street Attraction (1 year ago)
Yes I got laid, see it here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VDpd4KFBk6Q
Dark_Incel (1 year ago)
Bin opener was tight af! :D
do you still pick up girls?
Street Attraction (1 year ago)
Of course. What else am I going to pick up?
pre nuptials (1 year ago)
I'm a legit fashion expert hmu and fly me to England
Xavi The Irishman (1 year ago)
I been there 2 Weekends ago and the girls are gorgeous and friendly!
muaythaimotherf!!! m (1 year ago)
the fucking bin opener...gem!!!
Luta Albert (1 year ago)
You should come in Romania, Constanta(Mamaia) this summer
gwd109 (1 year ago)
Bloody brilliant! Street Attraction uploads are few and far between. Are you trying to treat us mean, to keep us keen?
Leading Muscle (1 year ago)
Bin game haha
literallycaneven (1 year ago)
Ahahah you're kissing her before she even knows your name! Legend.
Mars (11 months ago)
Miguel Aragon 😂😂💀
Miguel Aragon (1 year ago)
I wonder how your future daughter would feel with your comment xD
Shriyut Kumar (1 year ago)
missed Richard
Suraj Gurung (1 year ago)
You guys have been gone forever man! You guys were the first PUA's i started watching. I watch the RSD guys now but its all thanks to you guys 🙏🏼
Zack (1 year ago)
I'M having problems gaming girls here in the UK in bars at night at the moment, I'm unable to really practice lots of the things I read about because I often get shot down so early into the interaction that I don't get a chance. I seem unable to build attraction, and I can't rely on looks unfortunately!! I'm not handsome, lol. Not sure what the best sort of opener is, and more importantly, how to lead the initial part of the conversation to best help improve my chances.
Street Attraction (1 year ago)
We've answered your question in a video, which we'll post very soon.
90rich (1 year ago)
Nice to see you back uploading!
Nytrox Nikko (1 year ago)
That was an excellent move mate.
Omer Spahić (1 year ago)
that intro music though, you can't go wrong with Šaban "motherfcking" Šaulić for any type of video...
Klaudor (1 year ago)
can you make a tutorial for how to pick up girls with auitsm? thanks cx
Abdou Abdou (1 year ago)
t h e b i n o p e n e r
Levente Szanto (1 year ago)
Jordan (1 year ago)
yes your back!!
YSAmmo (1 year ago)
notification squaadddd. upload more guys
Tony Montana (1 year ago)
i want to see you banging that lawyer.. do that video for your fans
Marcus (1 year ago)
Brat is lava.... 5, 4, 3, 2, 1.... No wonder I'm still single today :')
League of Exercise (1 year ago)
Welcome back brother
Clark Atkinson (1 year ago)
You really need to go to miami
Glyn Lewis (1 year ago)
quality, as always!
KuroiMushi (1 year ago)
I'm just wondering why did it pop out in my notifications...(no sub, no bell), I'm not happy with it.
Inner child... that was something i have been forgeting! People always say no one likes inmature people... wow.
KACXV VINYX (1 year ago)
i love this guy haha, greetings from Poland
Tameem Terminator (1 month ago)
KACXV VINYX on tez jest Polski
DRÜCKNASHORN (1 year ago)
Hotti spottet! and the topic of what he wants to say is gone :D
John Smith (1 month ago)
He gets rejections, everyone does, but doesn't show those.
ZenGamer97 (1 year ago)
4:12 . i cracked up so hard, avocado went from my mouth all over my laptop
ZenGamer97 hhahaa you mean the "hottie spotted" part?
Nope (1 year ago)
i like how only the people who hates you and dislikes your videos are single ugly feminist manginas.
Sarah Igwe (1 year ago)
Like me? Lol
Eric Draven (1 year ago)
theyre beautiful on the inside
Raf Tash (1 year ago)
The last time anyone slayed on this level, China was invaded by mongols.
Kevin is Nice (4 months ago)
do they date asians? Do they cook?
Scott Herford (10 months ago)
Raf Tash Haw haw haw 😝
TheGreatslyfer (1 year ago)
They gonna build a wall, just because of the devastation he laid on them man!
Raf Tash (1 year ago)
+Street Attraction you too like tearing down them great walls!
Street Attraction (1 year ago)
İbrahim Kendirci (1 year ago)
Richard whats your nationality ?
Legz 4Dayz (1 year ago)
btw nationality is something written on Passport. What "Street Attraction" meant to tell you was Ethnicity. Goes like this: Species -> Race -> Ethnicity (Kinda like Sub-Races) -> Tribe -> Family Line. Thank me later.
Legz 4Dayz (1 year ago)
english guys are cucks. so ofcourse Ricahrd would be some glorious eastern european, especially Polish. HAHA
Michał Dudek (1 year ago)
+Street Attraction Have you published it on your chanel ?
adad (1 year ago)
Street Attraction (1 year ago)
I've done that already. We have a pickup filmed were I pick up a female Polish police officer, done all in Polish.
Martin Todorov (1 year ago)
does richard have an outter game product ?
Street Attraction (1 year ago)
Not yet but we're working on his new night street game infield product which will be released in a month or so
gabriel Esposto (1 year ago)
nice work! looking forward to next video
Johnny Purcell (1 year ago)
Lol your fashion wasn't that bad. No need to tell others that they're second hand ;)
10x x (1 year ago)
put more vid bro...your charm is world class..BEST
nasser nasser (1 year ago)
we missed u badass
Muathiano Flahini (1 year ago)
He disappeared suddenly, I though he was chased by the Interpol and extradited to the Korean police for a trial, I thought he is now in the Korean prison in the same cell together with Quincy Black. By the way, you know Quincy Black and his story with the jealous Korean court ?
nasser nasser (1 year ago)
hey we missed badass
kimotheking95 (1 year ago)
Are all Slovakian girls black haired !??
Street Attraction (1 year ago)
The first girl wasn't Slovakian, she was Greek.
kimotheking95 (1 year ago)
Its been a Long Time Since you have Posted !

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